Guno aims to present the incredibly wearable collection both for girls and boys. Its earthy tones and simple cuts of designs bring such a freedom especially to girls, since they believe that kids should be kids playing around everywhere. A color palette of ivory, whites, smudgy grays with some point of soft colors mixes well with its gender-neutral designs.

Mix & Match

Guno’s pieces are so nice to mix and match with other pieces.

Style & Quality

Each piece is made with 100% softest and high quality of cotton fabrics with a caring mind on children wearing them.

100% Made in Korea

All products are made in Korea at the cleanest and safest environment you can image for any clothing factory.

L’eau is the new sister brand from Guno. This new brand launched at Playtime Paris in 2019.

L’eau is pursuing the image of the nature like water, wind, stone and the the branch of the tree. L’eau means the water in French.